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Our History

Paul Cuomo, Carpenter and Denise Cuomo, MBA launched PC Global LLC in 2008, creating a niche in interior and exterior construction and renovations for Apartments in NYC. Together they created

a company based on the proverbial...Say It, Do It, Prove It.  More importantly, customer service is the foremost benchmark they set out to deliver. In construction, you need to earn your reputation, and that is where the challenging work comes in. PCGC expanded our project offerings, and region to include New Jersey and Connecticut. The expansion of services and geography led to our launch rebranding our company and incorporating in 2017.


 PC Global Contracting Inc.

The Company

PCGC is an industry-leading construction services company. We integrate state-of-the-art solutions and materials with traditional, dependable practices. The result is solid, well-built, tasteful construction projects that are cost effective not just now but for the long term.

By providing full support for every project while remaining flexible, our ability to expand as needed is second to none allowing PCGC to add value and convenience by efficiently managing not only our crews but multiple vendors when the job requires, ensuring timelines are met and delivering quality workmanship.

Simply put, we are a full -service provider of quality, economical solutions for all your construction needs.





















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